Code Definitions

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Note: "Grantee Type" and "Quality Type" has been deprecated.

Building Style:
ADC: Art Deco
AFR: A-Frame
ANT: Antique/Historic
BIL: Bi-Level
BUN: Bungalow
CAB: Cabin - Including log cabins
CAP: Cape Cod
CHL: Chalet/Alpine
CLU: Cluster
CNT: Contemporary
COA: Coach/Carriage House
COL: Colonial - Including Dutch Colonial and Spanish Colonial Revival. Colonial-style houses tend to have symmetrical facades, are rectangular, have gable roofs, pillars/columns, an overhanging upper story, a temple-like entrance, and simple classical detailing.
CON: Conventional
COT: Cottage
DES: Custom/Designer
DOME: Dome
END: End Unit - For condos, townhouses, rowhouses, etc.
EUR: European
FED: Federalist
FLAT: Flat
FRE: French Provincial
GAM: Gambrel/Barn
GEO: Geodesic
GOT: Gothic
GRE: Greek Revival
GRG: Georgian
GRS: Garrison/Frontier
HRI: High Rise
HSH: H-Shape
LOFT: Loft
LOG: Log
LRI: Low Rise
LSH: L-Shape
MAN: Mansion
MDR: Modular/Prefab - Refers to a home built in a factory in sections. Assembled at the site and built on a permanent foundation.
MED: Mediterranean
MID: Middle Unit - For condos, townhouses, rowhouses, etc.
MIS: Mission
MLL: Multi-Level - Includes Decks
MNF: Manufactured - Refers to a house built off-site in a factory or construction yard on a permanent chassis with a HUD label. Can be permanently attached to the land.
MOD: Modern
MRI: Mid Rise
MTL: Metal
MWD: Multi-Wide - Includes double-wide, triple-wide, etc., mobile homes
NCO: New Construction
NEN: New England
OLD: Old
OLE: Old English
PAT: Patio-Home
PNT: Penthouse
QUA: Quad-Level
RAN: Ranch
REC: Rectangular Design
RRA: Raised Ranch (Bi-Level)
SLT: Salt Box
SPA: Spanish
SPF: Split Foyer (Bi-Level)
SPL: Split Level
SQU: Square Design
STU: Studio
SWD: Single-Wide
SWN: Southwestern
TLV: Tri-Level (Split Level)
TRA: Traditional
TUD: Tudor
UND: Underground/Berm
USH: U-Shape
VIC: Victorian
WIL: Williamsburg
WSH: W-Shape

Land Use:
A: Agricultural
C: Commercial
E: Exempt
I: Industrial
I: Mining and Quarrying
M: Institutional
R: Residential
V: Vacant Land
Land Use is combination of Land Use and Building Use. So "RSFR" is Residential Land Use and Single Family Residence Building Use
Building Use:
AGR: Vacant - Agricultural
AMUSP: Amusement Park
APF: Apartment
AUTOR: Auto Repair (Including Oil Change Shops, Auto Service Shops, etc.)
AUTOY: Auto Yard (Including Dismantling, Salvage, Wrecking, etc.)
BAR: Bar or Nightclub
BHSE: Boarding House
BUSP: Business Park
CAS: Casino
CEM: Cemetery
CMIX: Commercial - Mixed Use
CMN: Communication (Radio, Television, Microwave Transmission Facility, etc.)
COL: College, Junior College, or University
COLHS: College Housing (Including Dormitories, Fraternities, Sororities, etc.)
COM: Vacant - Commercial
COMN: Common Area - Common Area, not just for Condos
CON: Condominium
COO: Cooperative
CREC: Commercial - Recreation (Arcades, Bowling, Billiards, Skating Rinks, etc.)
CSTR: Convenience Store
CTH: Condominium or Townhouse - USE ONLY IF source does not differentiate between condos and townhomes
CULC: Cultural Center (Museums, Art Galleries, Zoos, Exhibitions, etc.)
DAI: Dairy
DMPS: Waste Disposal or Dump Site
DUP: Duplex (Including 2 Family, 2 Unit, Double Unit, Maisonette)
EASE: Right of Way or Easement
EAT: Restaurant (Or other food venue, including fast food.)
ENT: Entertainment Venue (Including Movie Theaters, Amphitheaters, Race Tracks, Concert Halls, Arenas, Stadiums, Theaters, etc.)
ESCH: School - Elementary
FAR: Farm or Ranch
FIN: Bank
FIRE: Fire Station
FISH: Fisheries
FOO: Grocery Store or Super Market
FSTRG: Storage (Fuel, Gas, Propane, etc.)
FUNH: Funeral Home
GOFF: Government Offices
GOL: Golf Course or Country Club
GOV: Government (NEC)
HCLB: Health Facility (Including Gymnasiums, Health Clubs, Tennis Clubs, and Spas)
HEA: Heavy Industrial
HOS: Medical Hospital
HOT: Hotel, Motel, Resort, or Bed & Breakfast
HRA: Apartments - High Rise (Typically 7+ stories)
HSCH: School - High School
IND: Vacant - Industrial
INDR: Indian Reservation
INST: Institutional (NEC)
JAIL: Correctional Facility
LIB: Library
LIV: Livestock - Any animals, including livestock, poultry, and chicken ranches
LLBG: Leased Land
LOFT: Loft Building
LOT: Lot
LRA: Apartments - Low Rise (Typically 1 to 2 stories)
MANU: Manufacturing (NEC)
MBD: Commercial Building
MBDG: Manufacturing Building
MCH: Manufacturing - Chemical Related (Drugs, Petroleum, Coal, Paints, Lacquers, Rubber, Plastic, etc.)
MED: Medical (Offices, Labs, Clinics, Health Centers, etc.)
MFD: Multi-Family (NEC)
MFO: Manufacturing - Food (Baked Goods, Meat, Tobacco, Canned Goods, Beverages, etc.)
MHP: Mobile Home Park
MIL: Military
MIN: Mine or Quarry (Metals, Stone, Gravel, Precious Stones, etc.)
MINR: Mineral Rights
MOB: Mobile Home (not in mobile home park)
MPA: Manufacturing - Parts or Assembly (Electronics, Automobiles, Furniture, Paper Products, Publishing, Textiles, Clothing, Leather Goods, etc.)
MRA: Apartments - Mid Rise (Typically 4 to 7 stories)
MSC: Agricultural (NEC)
MSC: Commercial (NEC)
MSC: Industrial (NEC)
MSC: Vacant Land (NEC)
MSC: Residential (NEC)
MSCH: School - Middle School
MTL: Multi-Family - 1 to 4 units
MTP: Multi-Family - 5+ units
MUSE: Mixed Use
NATF: Mining - Natural Fuels - (Including oil, gas, coal, etc.)
NEWC: New Construction
NRS: Care Home (Including Convalescent Homes, Nursing Homes, Elderly Care, etc.)
NUR: Nursery, Greenhouse, Tree Farms, or Grass Farms
OFCO: Office Condominium
OFF: Offices
OFFH: Office Building High Rise (Typically 5+ stories)
OFFL: Office Building Low Rise (Typically 1-4 stories)
OTHER: Other
PAR: Parking Garage or Lot
PAS: Pasture
PKCMP: Recreation (Parks, Fields, Swimming Pools, Camp Sites, etc.)
POL: Police Station
POST: Post Offices
PPROP: Non-Real Property
PUB: Public Storage (Including Mini-Warehouses)
QUA: Quadruplex (Including 4 Family, Fourplex, 4 Unit)
RECN: Recreation (NEC)
REL: Church or Religious Facility
RES: Vacant - Residential
RMU: Residential - Mixed Use
ROW: Row House
RRFY: Railroad Property
RSV: Vacant - Reserve (Wetland, Refuge, Reserve, etc.)
RUH: Rural Residence
SER: Gas Station
SFR: Single Family Residence (Including: 1 Family, 1 Unit, and Single Unit)
SHLTR: Transient Lodging (Including Homeless Shelters)
SHO: Retail Center (Shopping Center, Department Store, Discount Chain, Outlet Center, etc.)
STO: Retail (Strip malls or row stores)
TIM: Timeshare
TMBR: Timber, Forestry, or Woodland
TRA: Transportation Terminals (Including Airports, Buses, Taxis, Boats, Trains, etc.)
TRI: Triplex (Including 3 Family and 3 Unit)
TWN: Townhouse
UNKN: Unknown
UTI: Public Utilities (Including Gas Electric, Wind Facilities, Telephone, Water, Sewer, etc.)
VEN: Meeting Venue (Auditoriums, Halls, Convention Centers, etc.)
VIN: Vineyard
WAR: Warehouse or Storage
WAS: Vacant Land - Unusable (Wasteland, Desert, Swamp, etc.)
WIN: Winery
XMPT: Exempt

Basement Type:
BSMT: Basement - Used when basement type is not specified
DAYLIGHT: Daylight
FIN: Finished
FULL: Full Basement
NONE: No Basement
PARTIAL: Partial
UNFIN: Unfinished

AVG: Average
DMG: Damaged
EXC: Excellent
FAIR: Fair
GOOD: Good
POOR: Poor
UNDRCONS: Under Construction
UNSOUND: Unsound
VPOOR: Very Poor
VRYGOOD: Very Good

ADOBE: Adobe
BOWSTRNG: Bowstring
CONCBLK: Concrete Block
CONCWLL: Concrete Wall
FLEXBLE: Flexible or Flexicore
FRAME: Frame
HEAVY: Heavy
LGNSPNTRUS: Long Span Truss - Over 60 feet
LIGHT: Light
LOG: Log
MANUFCTD: Manufactured
MASONRY: Masonry, Including Brick.
METAL: Metal
NONCOMBST: Non-combustible
OTHER: Other
PIPE: Pipe
STEEL: Steel
STONE: Stone
WOODFRM: Wood Frame

CENTRAL: Central
CHLL: Chilled Water - Chilled water systems are typically found in large commercial and industrial buildings. Air is cooled by passing the heat to chilled water.
COM: Commercial
DUL: Dual Unit
EVAP: Evaporative - Typically a large fan and water-wetted pads. Fresh outside air is cooled as it is drawn through the wet pads and blown into the house.
FAN: Fan Cooling
FRCD: Forced Air
HTPMP: Heat Pump
MULT: Multiple Types
NONE: None
OTHER: Other
PKG: Package
PRT: Partial
REF: Refrigeration
SOL: Solar
SPLT: Split System
WALL: Wall
WNDW: Window
YES: Yes - Comes as 'Yes' from county file. Some type of cooling, but specific type is unknown. Thought to potentially indicate central A/C.
ZONED: Zoned - Typically central A/C, but can be a radiant system

Doc Type:
ADMN: Administrator's Deed - Similar to an Executor's Deed, an Administrator’s Deed has a person appointed by the courts to deed property from an estate to another person.
AFF: Affidavit - Any affidavit other than Affidavit of Death - (including: Affidavit of Sale, Affidavit of Trust or Trust Agreement, Affidavit, etc.)
AFFDJT: Affidavit of Death JT - When title is taken as joint tenants and one spouse dies, the surviving spouse automatically receives the property. This is called a right of survivorship. Although the property does not go through any probate proceedings, the surviving spouse must still file an affidavit of death of joint tenant to remove the deceased's name from the deed.
AGMNT: Agreement - (including: Agreement for Deed and Agreement of Sale)
ALLOT: Allotment Deed - Older deed used to split up large pieces of land to a large group. For example, Indian land was officially titled using Allotment Deeds in the early 1900's.
AMDDOT: Amendment to Deed of Trust or Mortgage
AMDLN: Amendment of Lien - (including: Federal or State Tax Lien, Mechanic Lien, Physician Lien, Hospital Lien, etc.)
AMEND: Amendment
APPT: Appointment
ASGN: Assignment - (including: Assignment of Contract, Assignment of Agreement of Sale, Assignment of Control, Assignment of Easement, or Assignment of Interest)
ASMP: Assumption Deed - Typically used to assume a mortgage on a property.
ASNDOT: Assignment of Deed of Trust or Assignment of Mortgage
ASNLS: Assignment of Lease or Sub Lease - Hawaii Only.
ASNPRT: Partial Assignment - A document whereby the grantee assigns a portion of the payment they receive for a loan to the grantee.
BGNSL: Bargain And Sale Deed - A form of deed that, because of its historical origins, contains the operative words "bargains and sells" or "bargains, sells, and confirms," thus evidencing an intent to effect a present conveyance of the title, or the interest in land, that the deed purports to convey. Frequently a bargain and sale deed will be resorted to in lieu of a quitclaim deed, in which case the customary covenants of title are not added to the deed. also called "Fee Simple Deed." A deed of conveyance which presumes that the grantor holds title, but which makes no warranty with respect to the title.
BRGN: Bargain Sale Deed - Sale of land or interests in land (easement) at a price below its appraised market value. The donated value may allow the seller tax benefits as a return on investment, and as an alternative to taxable sales (balance pre-tax compensation against post-tax compensation) while reducing the cost to the public agency or private nonprofit acquiring the land.
CERTL: Certificate of Title - Document issued by Registrar of Titles for real estate registered under the Torrens System, which is considered conclusive evidence of the present ownership and state of the title to the property described therein. Today Torrens exists in nine states: Minnesota, Massachusetts, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Washington.
CERXFR: Certificate of Transfer
CNCT: Contract of Sale
CNSR: Conservator's Deed - When duly executed, a Conservator's Deed has the force and effect of conveying to the grantee the fee simple title of an incapable person or such conservator upon an order of a court of probate authorizing and directing the conservator to sell at private sale the real estate owned by the incapable person, with covenants that (1) the conservator has full power and authority as such to sell and convey the same to the grantee and (2) he and his successors shall warrant and defend the granted premises against all claims and demands of any person or persons claiming by and under such conservator.
CONDO: Condominium Deed - Used to Transfer ownership of a condominium unit from the seller to the buyer.
COR: Correction Deed - This is a re-recording of the originally recorded deed with corrections. Typically, deeds are re-recorded to fix the vesting, grantor's name, or legal description.
CORP: Corporation Deed
CREA: Creation of Estate
DEATH: Death Certificate
DECLR: Declaration
DEED: Deed - Standard name for a document transferring interest from one party (the grantor) to another party (the grantee).
DIL: Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure - Deed-In-Lieu of foreclosure (DIL) is a disposition option in which a mortgagor voluntarily deeds collateral property to HUD in exchange for a release from all obligations under the mortgage.
ESTP: Estoppel - A legal restraint that stops or prevents a person from contradicting or reneging on his previous position or previous assertions or commitments.
EXCH: Exchange
EXCISE: Excise - Tax Affidavit commonly found in Washington State
EXEC: Executor's Deed - A deed used when a person appointed by the court system transfers a delinquent borrower's interest in property to another party after foreclosure proceedings have completed.
FAM: Family Trust or Intrafamily Transfer
FIDU: Fiduciary Deed - A fiduciary deed is used to transfer real estate from a grantor who is a fiduciary - one who is put in a position of trust - to include executors, administrators, trustees, guardians, receivers, or commissioners. Generally, the fiduciary warrants only that he or she is duly appointed and acting within his or her authority.
FRCL: Foreclosure - This is when a borrower of money has used property as the collateral for a loan and has defaulted on paying back the loan. The property is foreclosed upon and when the foreclosure proceedings have finished, a deed/referee’s deed/trustee’s deed is recorded to remove that borrower from title to the property and give it to another.
GIFT: Gift Deed - A gift deed is a deed between two parties in which the seller/giftor is giving the property to another person for little or no consideration.
GRANT: Grant - Transfers fee simple interest from the grantor to the grantee.
GWRNT: General Warranty Deed - This deed makes guarantees that the seller has fee simple ownership of the property and the title is clean. They warrant that they will defend the property in court if someone tries to make a claim against the property.
JT: Joint Tenancy Deed
LDCNT: Land Contract - A land contract is not a deed. The buyer pays installments to the seller and lives on the property. The seller has legal title to the property and is responsible for any liens or mortgages on the property. Once the property is paid in full, the seller then records a deed to the buyer. Used in HI, MA, NY, and WI.
LGLACT: Legal Action - (including: Judgements, Court Order, Legal Action, etc.)
LIEN: Lien (OTHER) - Liens other than tax or mechanics. Liens can be placed on a property to pay for services rendered by a business or individual. (including: Doctor's Lien, Hospital Lien, Institutional Lien, etc.). WI
LPND: Lis Pendens - Legal notice that a lawsuit is pending. Also called a notice of action.
LSE: Lease - A contract granting use or occupation of property during a specified period in exchange for specified rent.
LSECNV: Leasehold Conversion - A document typically used in Hawaii to convert a leasehold interest in land to fee simple ownership.
LWNTY: Limited Warranty Deed - In most ways, limited warranty deeds are the same as any other warranty deed except for different language and specific removal of certain covenants.
MISC: Other
MLIEN: Mechanic's or Material Lien - A lien on real property, created by statue in many years, in favor of persons supplying labor or materials for a building or structure for the value of labor or materials supplied by them. In some jurisdictions, a mechanics lien also exists for the value of professional services. Clear title to the property cannot be obtained until the claim for the labor, materials, or professional services is settled. Timely filing is essential to support the encumbrance, and prescribed filing dates vary by jurisdiction.
MORT: Mortgage - In some areas, a Mortgage document, as opposed to a Deed of Trust is used to register mortgages, and secure rights to the property for the mortgagor.
NOD: Notice of Default - A notice recorded after the occurrence of a default under a deed of trust or mortgage. Typically required by an interested third party that has insured or guaranteed the loan.
PREP: Personal Representative
PRMS: Promissory Note
PRTSATLN: Partial Satisfaction of Lien
PTNR: Partnership Deed
QUIT: Quit Claim or Non-Warranty Deed - Quit claim deeds convey any interest the grantor(s) might have in a property. There is no warranty of clean title or fee simple interest. These deeds are typically used to transfer ownership between family members and friends. A Non-Warranty Deed is a variation on this that is specific to the Carolinas.
RCNVY: Reconveyance - Similar to a satisfaction of a Deed of Trust.
RCVR: Receivers' Deed - A receiver is an impartial person appointed by the court to administer properties involved in foreclosure or other litigation, to receive its rents and profits and apply or dispose of them at the direction of the court.
REDEM: Redemption Deed - In a tax sale after the county/city has taken control of a property, the original owner has a period of time in which they can pay any taxes owed and receive a redemption deed to put them back into ownership of said property.
REF: Referee's Deed - Used for foreclosures in New York State.
RERCD: Re-recorded Document.
RLS: Release - Any type of Release, including: Release of Judgement, Release of Homestead, Release of Power of Attorney, etc.)
RLSLN: Release of other Lien (Doctors, Institutional, Hospital, etc.)
RLSPRT: Partial Release
RSCNFCL: Rescission of Foreclosure - When a foreclosure has been completed in error a Rescission of Foreclosure is recorded to put the original owner back in title.
RTXLN: Release of Federal, State, County, or Municipal Tax Lien
SATLN: Satisfaction of Lien - A lien has been paid in full and this document released the prior recorded document from effecting the property.
SHRF: Sheriff's or Marshall's Deed - A person appointed by the court system to transfer a delinquent borrower's interest in property to another party after foreclosure proceeding have been completed.
SUBAGR: Sub Agreement Sale
SUBCOM: Sub Commercial Lease
SUBLSE: Sub Lease - A lease from one lessee to another. Used in Hawaii.
SURVR: Survivorship Deed - This deed has the same effect as using the term "tenants in common" in that when one party dies, the surviving party receives that person's interest without going to probate.
SWRNT: Special Warranty Deed - The most common kind of deed used in conveying title to property. In a special warranty deed, the grantor warrants the title for the period of time in which he held title, but does not warrant it with regard to previous owners.
TAX: Tax Deed - A deed executed by the tax collector to the state, county or city when no redemption is made from a tax sale.
TAXLIEN: Lien (TAX) - Lien place on property by government agency for failure to pay Federal, State, County, or Municipal taxes.
TRSTE: Trustee's Deed - Certificate of Title
TRUST: Deed of Trust - Similar to a mortgage. In a Deed of Trust, a trustee is named in the document and the grantor/borrower gives the trustee the ability to sell the property if they default on payments. This allows the property to be foreclosed upon without going through the court system.
WRNT: Warranty Deed

Disaster Type:
EARTHQUAKE: Earthquake
FIRE: Fire
FLOOD: Flood, Severe Storm
FLOODMUDSLIDES: Flood, Severe Storm, Mudslides
FLOODWINTER: Flood, Severe Winter Storm
HURRICANE: Hurricane
TORNADO: Tornado
TORNADOSTORM: Severe Storm, Tornadoes
TORNADOSTORMFLD: Severe Storm, Tornadoes, Flooding

COAL: Coal
ELEC: Electric
GAS: Gas
GASELEC: Gas and Electric
NONE: None
OIL: Oil
PRIVATE: Private
PUBLIC: Public
SOLAR: Solar
WOOD: Wood

Exterior Wall:
ADOBE: Adobe
ALUMINUM: Aluminum or Aluminum Siding - Aluminum siding is a pre-manufactured material made of aluminum which is formed to simulate horizontal lap or vertical board siding. It has a factory baked-on paint finish in various colors and may have a smooth, stipple or embossed wood grain pattern.
ASBESTOS: Asbestos Shingle or Plank Siding - A hard, brittle siding material made from natural mineral fiber formed into the shape of a shingle or plank typically supplied in 9" x 2' sections.
ASPHAULT: Asphalt or Asphalt Shingle
BEVEL: Bevel
BLOCK: Concrete Block - Concrete compressed into the shape of a block and allowed to harden. Typically, the block is set in place with mortar in a running bond pattern to form the wall.
BOARD: Solid Board - Cedar, Redwood, or painted or treated wood of either board and batten, tongue and groove, lap or clapboard design.
BRICK: Brick - Solid Masonry - Two or three courses (rows) of 8" clay brick set in place with mortar. The entire load bearing wall consists of brick only. Primarily found in older dwelling. Typically, a dwelling which is at least 85% or more masonry will be considered masonry (brick).
BRKVNR: Brick Veneer - Wood frame wall in which one course of clay brick has been applied directly to the sheathing (first exterior covering) material. Typically found on newer dwellings with brickwork.
COMBO: Combination of two or more materials
COMPOSTN: Composition Siding - A pre-manufactured roll siding material made of an asphalt impregnated felt which is then coated with colored stone or ceramic granules. It is often finished in an imitation brick pattern.
CONC: Reinforced Concrete - Concrete wall which is poured in place and is strengthened by iron or steel bars, rods, or mesh embedded in it. No other exterior finish is applied. Typically found in capped basement, earth sheltered, or earth contact dwellings.
FIBERGLSS: Fiberglass
GLASS: Glass
HARDBRD: Hardboard - Any manmade wood fiberboard materials such as Masonite, Homasote, or Celotex.
LOG: Log
MARBLE: Marble
METAL: Metal
PERMASTN: Permastone (Formstone) - An artificial precast siding or stucco application which has the surface appearance of cut stone. (Also known as Z-brick or Model Stone.)
PLYWOOD: Exterior Plywood - Material consisting of layers of wood veneer joined together with water proof glue typically supplied in 4' x 8' sheets. May be patterned to simulate solid board siding designs such as reverse board and batten.
PROTECTV: Protective
SANDWICH: Sandwich Panels - A wall constructed of a core of insulation covered on both sides by metal panels.
SHINGLE: Shingles
SIDNG: Siding
STEEL: Steel Siding - A pre-manufactured siding material made of steel and clad in a baked enamel finish which is formed to simulate horizontal lap or vertical board siding. It is often embossed with a wood grain pattern.
STNEVNR: Cut Stone Veneer - One course of cut stone pieces either regular or irregular shaped applied to the exterior of wood frame or concrete block dwellings.
STONE: Stone - Solid Masonry: A quarried stone used as a load bearing wall. The stone can be irregular-shaped rubble or cut blocks set in place with mortar. Also includes native stone which is locally quarried.
STUCCO: Stucco - A cement plaster material used as a wall surface finish which is either applied over a metal or wood lath base on a wood frame wall or directly onto a concrete block wall.
TILE: Structural Clay Tile - A hard earthenware block which has been hard burned and molded, such as terra cotta. A tile wall is constructed in the same manner as concrete block.
VINYL: Vinyl Siding - A pre-manufactured vinyl plastic siding material which looks very similar in design to aluminum or steel siding.
WDSHGLE: Wood Shingle or Wood Shake - Thin sheets of wood which are uniformly machine cut or sawn and applied in overlapping single or double courses (rows) to the exterior wall OR Wood Shakes: Rough cut or hand split wood shingles of irregular thickness applied to the wall in the same manner as wood shingles.
WOOD: Wood

Fireplace Type:
BLOCK: Concrete Block
BRICK: Brick
MASONRY: Masonry
MASSIVE: Massive
METAL: Metal
NONE: None
PREFAB: Prefab
STEEL: Steel
STONE: Stone
WDSTOVE: Wood Stove
YES: Fireplace

ACRYLIC: Acrylic
ASBESTOS: Asbestos
ASPHALT: Asphalt
BLOCK: Concrete Block or Cinder Block
BRICK: Brick
CONCRETE: Concrete or Concrete Slab
CORRDECK: Corrugated Deck
DIRT: Dirt
GRAVEL: Gravel
METAL: Metal
NONE: None
PLYWOOD: Plywood
SLATE: Slate
STEEL: Steel
SUBFLR: Sub-Flooring
UNKN: Unknown
WOOD: Wood

BLK/WLL: Block or Wall - (Including: Conc Blck, Contin Footing, Contin Wall, and Stem Wall).
CNCSLB: Concrete Slab
CONVNTL: Conventional
DIRT: Dirt or Earth
MASONRY: Masonry - Often Brick
MUD: Mud Sill - (Usually wood, which sits on top of concrete. Often used for earthquake protection.)
OTHER: Other
PILINGS: Pilings - (Typically tall raised structure for side hill construction or for coastal or flood plain conditions)
PIPE: Pipe or Iron
PIER: Post or Pier
PREFAB: Pre-Fabricated
RAISED: Raised or Crawl - (No continuous footing around the building. Often Post or Pier.)
SPRDFOOT: Spread Footing
STEEL: Steel
STONE: Stone
WOOD: Wood, Grade-Beam, or Cross Bridged

Garage Type:
ATT: Attached - Including Attached Garages and Built-in garages
BSMT: Basement or Underground
BSMTATT: Basement - Attached
BSMTDET: Basement - Detached
CRPT: Carport
CRPTATT: Carport - Attached
CRPTDET: Carport - Detached
DET: Detached - Including Detached Garages
FIN: Finished
GAR: Garage
NONE: None
ONSTRT: On-Street
PKGSPC: Parking Space
UNFIN: Unfinished
YES: Parking - Parking is on property, but parking type is unknown

Grantee Vesting:
CMNTYPROP: Community Property (Married) - Usually used by husband and wife in high income/asset or multiple property ownership range. There may be certain tax advantages with inheritance taxes, which may be beneficial. As between husband and wife only, percentage of interest is assumed to be equal.
CORP: Company or Corporation - A corporation is a legal entity, created under state law, consisting of one or more shareholders but regarded under law as having an existence and personality separate from such shareholders.
ESTATE: Estate
FAMTST: Family Trust
IRRTRUST: Irrevocable Trust
JT: Joint Tenants - Joint tenancy is always equal interest with the right of survivorship. Each party has an automatic equal interest in the property, with the right of survivorship passing to the other(s). In the event of the death of one party, the survivor(s) sign a Bill of Sale and present a certified copy of the death certificate.
LIFEEST: Life Estate - A life estate is created to protect a person's right to live on a piece of property and receive income generated by the property. At the person's death, the property held in the life estate passes to another person. For example, an owner may want to give his property to a friend or to his children, but he may want to live on the property until his death; by creating a life estate, he would deed the property to the intended recipient, reserving a life estate until the time of death.
PARTNERSHP: Partnership - A partnership is an association of two or more persons who can carry on business for profit as co-owners, as governed by the Uniform Partnership Act. A partnership may hold title to real property in the name of the partners.
REVTST: Revocable Trust
SOLEOWN: Sole Owner - A person who owns property solely in his name owns all rights to the property. That person can use it, rent it, sell it, or give it away. A sole owner transfers property upon death by a will, trust, or beneficiary deed. If no one has been designated to receive the property, the property passes to the sole owner's legal heirs upon death. Examples: Single person, Unmarried man or woman, Married as sole and separate.)
TNTCMN: Tenants in Common - Equal or unequal division of interest between two or more people. The percentage each person (or each couple) holds must be stated. Each interest is separate - No right of survivorship. On death of co-owner, interest passes by will to the individual’s devisees or heirs.
TNTENT: Tenancy in the Entirety - Some states have a special form of joint tenancy when the joint tenants are husband and wife with each owning one-half. Neither spouse can sell the property without the consent of the other.
TNTSVR: Tenants in Severalty - One who holds land and tenements in their own right only, without any other person being joined or connected with them in point of interest, during their estate therein.
TST: Trust - A trust is an arrangement where legal title to property is transferred by the grantor to a trustee, to be held and managed by that person for the benefit of the people specified in the trust agreement (beneficiaries).

Heating Type:
BSBRD: Baseboard
CEN: Central
COAL: Coal
CONVECTN: Convection
ELEC: Electric
FLRWLL: Floor or Wall
FRCD: Forced Air
FRNC: Furnace
GAS: Gas
GRAVITY: Gravity - Heating the building with a warm air furnace by gravity circulation only--no mechanical force or equipment.
HOTWTR: Hot Water
HTPMP: Heat Pump
MULT: Multiple Heat Types
NONE: None
OIL: Oil
OTHER: Other
PKG: Package
PROPANE: Propane
PRT: Partial
RADIANT: Radiant
SOLAR: Solar
SPACE: Space Heater
STEAM: Steam
STOVE: Stove
UNKNOWN: Heating
WOOD: Wood
WRMAIR: Warm Air
ZONED: Zoned

HS Search:
A: Large Occupancy Residential
B: Condo
C: -
D: Mobile Home
F: Timeshare
Z: All others

Lender Type:
CDA: Community Development Authority
CNV: Conventional
FANNIE: Fannie Mae - A government sponsored enterprise formerly called Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) that purchases conventional mortgages in the secondary mortgage market. It also sells and insures securities made up of pools of qualifying mortgages loans.
FARMERS: Farmers Home Administration
FHA: Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
FREDDIE: Freddie Mac - Nickname for Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp (FHLMC), a federally controlled and operated corporation to support the secondary mortgage market. It purchases and sells residential conventional home mortgages.
HULAMAE: Hula Mae (Hawaii Only) - Hula Mae is an innovative mortgage loan program created by the Hawaii State Legislature in 1979 for families of low and moderate income. Through the sale of tax-exempt revenue bonds, the Hula Mae Program provides eligible home buyers with mortgage loans at interest rates below those available on conventional loans.
INDIV: Individual
NONCONFORM: Non-Conforming
SBA: Small Business Administration
VA: Veterans Administration (VA)

Mortgage/Loan Type:
2ND/SUB: 2nd Mortgage or Subordinate Mortgage
ASMPTN: Assumption
BALLOON: Balloon
BLANKET: Blanket
CASH: Cash
CNST: Construction
DMND: Demand - A mortgage that the lender can call due at any time without prior notice.
GRAD: Graduated Payment Mortgage - A graduated payment mortgage has low initial payments, then progressively increases the payment amount until it caps off after 5-10 years. The initial payments do not cover all the interest, so there is negative amortization, and the remaining interest is added to the principal.
GROWEQ: Growing Equity - An FHA program which allows borrowers to make smaller payments early in the mortgage in anticipation of higher salaries later. Payments usually increase 1-5% each year.
REFI/EQ: Refinance or Equity Line of Credit
REFI: Refinance
REVOLV: Credit Line (Revolving), Home Equity Line of Credit
REVRSE: Reverse
SELLER: Seller, Seller Financed, Seller Carryback
UNKN: Unknown

Interest Type:
FIX: Fixed
VAR: Variable - Including Adjustable

Mortgage Interest Rate:
10YRTBILL: 10 Year T-Bill
11THDIST: 11th District
1YRTBILL: One Year T-Bill
3YRTBILL: 3 Year T-Bill
5YRTBILL: 5 Year T-Bill
6MOCD: 6 month CD
6MOTBILL: 6 month T-Bill - (Includes 26 week T-Bills)
CMT: Constant Maturity Treasury
CODI: Certificate of Deposit Index
COSI: Cost of Savings Index
LIBOR: Libor
MTA: 12 Month Treasury Average
PRIME: Prime

Mortgage Rate Change:
2YR: Two Years
3YR: Three Years
4YR: Four Years
5YR: Five Years
6MO: Semi-Annually/Six Months
ANN: Annually
MONTHLY: Monthly - (Revolving Lines of Credit are always Monthly unless otherwise stated)
QTR: Quarterly

CONCRETE: Concrete - including cement
COVERED: Covered
FIBERGLSS: Fiberglass
GAZEBO: Gazebo
MASONRY: Masonry - including brick
METAL: Metal - including aluminum, tin, etc.
NONE: No patio
OPEN: Open
SCREENED: Screened - Screened patios are especially common in Florida
STONE: Stone
TILE: Tile
VINYL: Vinyl
WOOD: Wood
YES: Patio

Pool Type:
ABVGRND: Above Ground
COM: Commercial
CONCRETE: Concrete
FIBERGLSS: Fiberglass
GUNITE: Gunite
HEATED: Heated
INDOOR: Indoor
LAGOON: Lagoon
MULTI: Multiple Pools
NONE: No pool
PLASTIC: Plastic
POND: Pond
POOL/SPA: Pool or Spa
POOLSPA: Pool with Hot Tub, Spa, or Sauna
PREFAB: Prefab
SLRHTD: Solar Heated
SPA: Hot Tub, Spa, or Sauna
VINYL: Vinyl
WADING: Wading
YES: Yes

ALUM: Aluminum
ASBST: Asbestos
ASPH: Asphalt, Asphalt Roll, or Asphalt Tile
BLTUP: Built Up
COMP: Composition or Composition Shingle
CON: Concrete, or Concrete Tile
CUSTOM: Custom
ENAMEL: Enamel - More common in tropical climates. Used on many different roof types--tile, concrete, shingle, metal, etc.
GYPSUM: Gypsum
METAL: Metal, Copper, Metal Sheeting, Metal Tile, or Tin
NONE: None
OTHER: Other
PLASTIC: Plastic/Urethane or Fiberglass
ROCK: Rock, Gravel, Crushed Rock, Stone, or Tar & Gravel
ROLLED: Rolled or Rolled Composition
RUBBER: Rubber/Elastomeric
SHINGLE: Shingle
SLATE: Slate or Slag
TILE: Ceramic Tile, Glazed Tile, or Clay Tile
WOOD: Wood, Wood Shake, or Wood Shingle

Roof Shape:
ALPINE: Alpine - Also Swiss Chalet
ARCHED: Arched
BARN: Barn
BUBBLE: Bubble
BUTRFLY: Butterfly - A roof formed by two gables that dip in the middle to resemble a butterfly's wings
CANOPY: Canopy
CATHEDRL: Cathedral
CONTEMP: Contemporary
CUSTOM: Custom
DORMER: Dormer
FLAT: Flat
FRAME: Frame
GABLE: Gable
GAMBREL: Gambrel
GEODESIC: Geodesic
HIP: Hip - Including Barrel, Pyramid
IRREGULAR: Irregular
LEANTO: Lean-To - Also Pitched Roof
MANSARD: Mansard - Specialized hip roof
MONITOR: Monitor
NONE: None
SAWTOOTH: Sawtooth
SHED: Shed
UNKN: Unknown

Sale Qualifier/Code:
CALC: Calculated from Transfer Tax
CONF: Confirmed
EST: Estimated
FULL: Full Valued Sale
LLE: Less Liens and Encumbrances
PART: Partial Valued Sale
QUAL: Qualified - A qualified sale price is a full, arms length sale price.
VRFD: Verified

Sewer Type:
CSPL: Cesspool
COM: Commercial
NONE: None
PRIVATE: Private
PUBLIC: Public
SEPTIC: Septic
STORM: Storm

Site Influence:
AG: On or near Agricultural land
AIRPORT: Airport
ALLEY: Alley
BAY: Bay
BAYACC: Bay Access
BAYFRT: Bay Front
BAYFTISL: Bay Front Island
BAYFTMN: Bay Front Mainland
BAYOU: Bayou
BEACH: Beach
BEHBAYFRT: Behind Bay Front
BEHGLFFRT: Behind Gulf Front
CANAL: Canal
CITY: City
CNLDRN: Canal Drainage
CNLFRT: Canal Front
CNLFRTISL: Canal Front Island
CNLMN: Canal Mainland
CREEK: Creek
CRNR: Corner
DWTN: Downtown
ESMT: Easement
FLOODPLN: Flood Plain
GOLFCRS: Golf Course
GRNBLT: Greenbelt
GULF: Gulf or Gulf View
GULFFRNT: Gulf Front
HIGHVAL: High Value Land
HWY: Highway
INDUST: Industrial
INTERIOR: Interior
INTRCOASTL: Intercoastal
IRREGLOT: Irregular Lot
ISLAND: Island
LAGOON: Lagoon
LKE/POND: Lake or Pond
LNDLOCK: Landlocked
MH: Mobile Home on property
MTN: Mountain
NONBLD: Non-Buildable
NONE: None
OCEAN: Ocean
PARK: Park
PRESERVE: Preserve
RAVINE: Ravine
REAR: Rear
REC: Recreational
RESTRICT: Restrictions
RIVER: River
ROAD: Road
RURAL: Rural
SUBMRG: Submerged Land
VALLEY: Valley
WDLND: Woodland
WETLAND: Wetland
WTRFNT: Waterfront
XTRAFRNT: Extra Frontage
ZROLTLN: Zero Lot Line

Transaction Type:
1STMORT: 1st Mortgage
2NDMORT: 2nd Mortgage
ASGN: Assignment
CRTSL: Court Ordered Sale
EXCH: Property Exchange
LDCON: Land Contract - A contract for the purchase of real property in which the seller retains the deed to the property or otherwise continues to have an interest in it until the buyer makes payments in installments equal to the purchase price.
LDCRT: Land Court
LIEN: Lien
MECHLN: Mechanic's Lien
MTG: Mortgage
NEWCONST: New Construction
NMNL: Nominal Sale
NOD: Notice of Default
NONARMS: Non-Arms Length Transaction - Any transaction in which the two parties already share a relationship (family, business partners, etc.). Such a transaction most often does not reflect the true market value of a property.
NONARMSNP: Non-Arms Length Non-Purchase
NONARMSP: Non-Arms Length Purchase
REFI/EQ: Refinance or Equity Line of Credit
REL: Release
RELLN: Release of Lien
RELMECH: Release of Mechanic's Lien
RELMORT: Release of Mortgage
RSCN: Rescission
SALE: Sale
SATLN: Satisfaction of Lien
SATMORT: Satisfaction of Mortgage
STNDALNE: Stand-Alone Financing
T/FRCL: Foreclosure - Property which has gone to Sheriff's Sale, Marshall's Sale, or Trustee's Sale due to non-payment of Mortgage.
TAXSL: Sale of property for failure to pay Federal, State, County, or Municipal Taxes - Can also be a tax foreclosure. This is an auction of government seized property.
TMS: Timeshare Sale

View Quality:
AVG: Average
BEST: Best
BETTER: Better
EXC: Excellent
FAIR: Fair
GOOD: Good
INFERIOR: Inferior
NONE: None
OBSTRCTD: Obstructed
POOR: Poor
PREMIUM: Premium or Prime
STANDARD: Standard
SUPERIOR: Superior
TYPICAL: Typical

View Type:
AIRPORT: Airport
BAY: Bay
BLUFF: Bluff
CANAL: Canal
CANYON: Canyon
CITY: City
CREEK: Creek
GOLFCRS: Golf Course
GULF: Gulf
HILLS: Hills
LAGOON: Lagoon
LAKE: Lake
MTN: Mountain
OCEAN: Ocean
PARK: Park
PARKING: Parking
POND: Pond
POOL: Pool
RIVER: River
STREET: Street
TERRITORL: Territorial
WATER: Water
WDLND: Woodland

Water Type:
CISTERN: Cistern or Barrel - (rain water collection)
COM: Commercial
NONE: None
PRIVATE: Private
PUBWELL: Public Well
PUBLIC: Public
SPRING: Spring/Creek
WELL: Well